An Experience with Character

Perched above the famous Santorini caldera, offering a breathtaking view of its surroundings and the world famous sunset, Character’s organic cuisine invites you to take a magical journey in Mediterranean fusion gastronomy inspired by the Santorinian land.

Reserve your perfect table and indulge in a culinary journey of rich and nutritious flavors composed of only 100% certified organic products and fresh quality ingredients from selected local organic farmers.

Making dreams come true is the touchstone of Character.


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Character organic restaurant and lounge bar opened its doors in 2012 at the most beautiful spot of Fira town. The multi-level venue renovated by award winning decorator D. Economou creates a sensational, casual but yet classy space with inviting atmosphere surrounded by the outstanding Caldera view.

Open daily from 10:00am until late at night, serving delectable organic Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the Theran land with a wonderful range of wines and cocktails.

Drink or dine in one of the three different levels of terraces resting on a volcanic plateau, in an oasis of colors and senses with discreet luxury and majestic sceneries.


The story of the building begins years ago, when about 1500 the manor was inhabited by the Dekigalla family. Much later, in 1934, opened the first tourist hotel with a restaurant, pioneering for its time under the name of “Vulcan Hotel”. It stopped working in 1956 after the disastrous earthquake.
Today the owner is the descendant of Dekigalla family.

Magnificent Location

Character is located in the center of Fira town, in the rim of the caldera, one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. It is next to Santozeum Museum and 50m from the cable car and the Archaeological Museum. The building is situated right across the volcano island of Santorini (Palaia Kameni) and over the old port. All three different levels offer uninterrupted, sweeping panoramic views of deep blue sea, the volcanic islets and the astonishing Santorinian sunset that makes it an ideal place for any occasion. Come in for a cocktail, a dinner under the stars or just a casual lunch and let yourself be amazed.


We found ourselves naked on the pumice stone watching the rising islands, watching the red islands sink into their sleep, into our sleep.

George Seferis


Our cliff side restaurant tempts its guests with gastronomic delights reflecting Santorini's Mediterranean cuisine. New flavours to be explored and accompanied with an exquisite wine list, the most welcoming service and a view second to none. Character is actively involved in the “ 2013 YEAR OF GASTRONOMY IN SANTORINI” municipality initiative, which inspired more astonishing local recipes. A combination that promises a truly memorable time.



From the miraculous hands of our chefs, you will taste delicacies from Santorini as the rest of Greece and the Mediterranean area, cooked with a slightly different, more creative way so as to offer you a unique taste journey.


  • Santorinian Fava with caramelized onions and baby squid.
  • Bruschetta with fava cream and octopus marinated in herbs and balsamic cream
  • Lamb popsicles in a sofrito sauce with freshly cut potato chips
  • Νest of parmesan cheese mixed green salad with juicy chicken breast, croutons and Caesar dressing

The Lounge Bar

The stylish terrace of the lounge bar-café opens daily after 10:00am for coffee, breakfast, snacks & finger food, until late at night so as to enjoy lunch or dinner. The big variety in classic and exotic cocktails and the excellent drinks, promises to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

During summer season music live performances & cocktail parties take place. The most beautiful time of the day is of course the sunset time. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset with sensational sounds that will travel you into the horizons.


Accompany your moments with fine wines from the volcanic soil of Santorini. White varieties, rich in flavor like Assyrtiko, Nihteri, Athiri & Aidani or special rosé and red wines like Mavrotragano & Voudomato.
The excellent wine list also features wines from the rest of Greece, dessert wines and champagnes .


Wedding Receptions & Events

The elegant atmosphere, the incredible view, the delicious cuisine and the superb service makes Character the ideal place to host your event. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner or planning your wedding reception, our team of hospitality professionals will ensure that your every need is attended.


Character venue has three different levels. Besides the lounge bar terrace, the two restaurant levels offers ideal privacy for your wedding reception or for any event. Choose either the spacey teracce that can hold a bigger reception or the absolute private balcony, ideal for smaller parties.

Fulfil your dreams with Character!


Character Organic Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Fira, Santorini Island, Greece

Tel.: +30 22860 21816, Fax: +30 22860 33228
Open: April to October

For reservations or for information about receptions please contact us using the form below.